Watch 12 Monkeys Season 4

They meet with Nicodemus, a scholar who created the ouroboros artifact. Nicodemus reveals that Jennifer retains her Primary abilities; the Primaries simply chose not to communicate with her for a time to avoid alerting Olivia of their plans. Nicodemus shows them the location of the weapon, which turns out to be a time machine. They ring Die Glocke, activating the machine, but Olivia and Andros arrive, disabling it. Olivia kills Deacon, but before she can kill the others, Adler manages to send a personal time machine to Cole from 2043. Cole, Cassie, and Jennifer use it to escape to 2043, however Olivia destroys the weapon with a massive temporal paradox, ensuring Deacon's permanent death and rendering the weapon inaccessible for all time. In 2043, older Jennifer advises her younger self to begin listening to her Primary visions again.

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